Harmonia Gem Spray 5oz - Universal Love Rose Quartz

Harmonia Gem Spray 5oz - Universal Love Rose Quartz

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Shipping Weight: 0.39 pounds


Height in Inches: 6.5


Diameter in Inches: 1.5


Unit: Each


Made Of: With Rose essential oil, demineralized water, solubilizer, rose quartz crystals, preservatives, alcohol free.


Made In: India


Properties: Infused with Rose Quartz, the stone of higher love

Mind: Higher love for self, everyone, and everything.

Body: Improves circulation, strengthens heart muscles

Spirit: Compassion, contentment


Directions: A few sprays in the center of the room. You will automatically start to feel the intention you have created with each Harmonia Gemstone Spray. You can spray & walk through the mist. This gem spray is for external use only. Use as a room/space spray. Do not ingest.



**All medical issues should be brought to the attention of a licensed health care professional. Crystals are best used as support while closely following your doctor’s recommendations.**