Chime / Ritual Candles
Chime / Ritual Candles

Chime / Ritual Candles

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Chimes, also known as Ritual candles,
are a powerful and easy way to obtain focus for mediation and or sacred spiritual work. Each color represents a different intention.

Yellow = Spirituality, Positive Energy, Enlightenment

White = Cleansing and clearing your energy, hope, and faith

Black = Removing negative energy and detox and removal of fears.

Indigo Blue = Third Eye Chakra, intuition, and spirituality

Light Blue = Calming and relaxing along with gentle energies

Purple = Crown Chakra, Reaching the divine spiritual energies that raise you to your highest self.

Orange = Sacral Chakra, Healing, vitality, and warm energy

Red = Love, Passion, and desire, along with willpower

Silver = Feminine energy with the intuition of the power of the moon

Gold = Masculine Energy with the power of the Sun and courage

Pink = Gentle, unconditional love

Green = Throat Chakra open your communication and connect with the Earth

Lavender = Dignity and opening the Third Eye